Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be written at a level allowing a broad audience from undergraduates to practitioners and researchers. Each manuscript must be prepared in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docs) and submitted with necessary graphics, citations, and references in accordance with the APA 6th edition. All abstracts and manuscripts will undergo a peer review process.

Upon submitting your manuscript, it is understood that you are submitting an original manuscript that is not under review elsewhere. Plagiarism is not tolerated by the NCI journal. All submitted manuscripts will be checked for originality. The NCI Journal does not charge authors for submission or publishing.


NCI Journal requires authors to sign a transfer form to Excelsior College of full ownership of the copyright and all the rights comprised therein. Upon signing the form, authors warrant that they are the sole authors and sole proprietor(s) of all rights in and to the aforementioned work; that the work is original and not in the public domain; that it has not been previously published; that it does not violate or infringe on any copyright or any other personal or property rights of others, whether common law or statutory; that it contains nothing libelous, obscene, or otherwise contrary to law; that all statements asserted in the work as facts are true or based on reasonable research for accuracy; that if you are using material owned by your employer, company, or organization, you have notified them; and that you have full power to enter into this agreement.

The publisher hereby grants authors back the following:

    (a) The right, without charge, to photocopy or to transmit online or to download, print out and distribute to a colleague a copy of the published article in whole or in part, upon the colleague’s specific request. Systematic redistribution, posting to a listserv or on the Internet is specifically forbidden.
    (b) The right to republish, without charge, in any format, all or part of the material from the published article in a book written or edited by the author.
    (c) The right to include the article in a compilation for classroom use (course packs) to be distributed to students at the author’s institution free of charge in print or electronic format (subject to reasonable access controls), the right to post it electronically on employer’s secure internal network, and the right to make oral presentations based on the article.
    (d) The right to use brief excerpts (up to 250 words) and illustrations for any purpose whatsoever.

Any reuse of the article requires proper attribution to the Periodical. Authors remain free to use any ideas or data contained in the article for any purpose.

Send your PDF manuscript to nci @

Be sure to include your name, email address, title of manuscript – and don’t forget to attach the document!